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Fall 2019 Meetings

Over the course of four meetings, we moved from the discussion of the common readings, to ideas about action on campus. The ideas ranged from Sustainability efforts by the college, focused on recycling and waste reduction, to global concerns like sea rise and displacement from eco-crisis. We agreed to work together on an interdisciplinary panel for Eco-Festival 2020. I am happy to confirm that Dr. Colon has agreed to let this panel move forward. During the spring we will turn our attention to the assessment of campus-wide activities as co-curricular enrichment for student well-being and fostering civic learning.


Meeting Dates:

  1. TUESDAY October 29th 10:20 – 11:20 in D309E
  2. THURSDAY November 7th 9:10  – 10:10 in D309E
  3. MONDAY November 18th 1:50 – 2:50 in D309E
  4. TUESDAY November 19th 10:20  – 11:20 in D309E







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