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Fall 2020


December 3rd, 3pm: Pedagogical Meeting – Let’s Get Weird

Faculty were invited to discuss the “One Weird Thing” that they’ve innovated to help facilitate global and interdisciplinary learning in an online environment. Jason Leggett presented on narrative analysis methods to help identify the problems with traditional disciplinary concepts. Shawna Brandle presented on the possibilities of “ungrading,” an overview of which can be found here.¬†Jennifer Corby shared a meme assignment in which students create an original meme to help interpret and explain a primary text to both the professor and other students. A rich discussion with attending faculty followed.

November 11th, 1pm : Election Debrief – Understanding the US Election in a Global Context

Presenters Dr. Jennifer Corby and Dr. Shawna Brandle discussed the recent U.S. Presidential election with faculty and students. Topics included understanding the US election system, as well as the possibilities for the upcoming transition of power. Students expressed concern for the state of the American democracy, and what happens if the current president refuses to acknowledge the election results. Faculty were interested in understanding the electoral college, and how it might be changed, as well as the status and possible outcomes of legal challenges to the electoral results. The state of American democracy was also discussed, as well as how a global perspective can help us to analyze our current political moment.

November 4th, 2pm : Meet and Greet – Sharing interests in Global and Environmental Studies

Join us for an opportunity to share interests, questions, and strategies around teaching topics in global and environmental issues.

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